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One Michigan Moment in T.I.M.E brings insight into how Harris cultivated into the man he is today, though he once questioned if he'd ever be. In his own words, Harris was, "not supposed to make it." As a high school student, he wondered, how do I get to University of Michigan, with about a 2.7 GPA and 18 ACT?

In four years, he played and quit basketball at University of Michigan – Dearborn, participated in civic engagement, and community service; other organizations even recognized and molded their leadership models from Harris' example as a servant leader and activist.

Expected Release - April 2021

The Ultimate Goal

If I can open my mouth and let the truth be told,
If I can pray for the sick or inspire a soul,
If I can take what’s broken and with God’s power make it whole,
Then I will be living within the expression the true ultimate goal.

If I can serve my community for as long as I live,
Showing empathy and compassion and a heart to give,
Keeping my head held high with faith, courage and strength to believe,
Then I know that God will be with me and there will be nothing I cannot achieve.

The Vision is worth the dream.
Each step is worth the journey.
His purpose for my life is worth my destiny.

Copyright Material 2015. Printed in Adam’s L.A.W. Lessons Along the Way

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